Batch of 2020

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IIIT-Delhi strives to generate a pool of graduates who not only possess the essential qualities to fulfill their responsibility as an engineer, but also as a citizen and a human being. Our Induction Program has been designed with precision to promote academic success, personal and social development, and to provide students with information about services and support systems at IIIT-Delhi. The primary goal of our Induction Program is to make the new students acquainted and connected to the people and resources in the IIITD community. We propel to generate a plethora of opportunities and offer experiences to engage the curious minds productively, challenge their beliefs, and motivate them to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. This 5 days fun-packed learning programme encompasses a blend of activities including motivational talks by prominent speakers, panel discussions, ice breaking sessions, individual / group manoeuvre, stress and time management workshops, ethics and value learning, and much more. To develop a close knit social interaction and a sense of belongingness within the environment, activities such as karaoke, talent show, quiz, etc are also planned for our students.




Reach out

Refer to the following table and reach out to anyone in Induction core committee for help and instructions.

Faculty Members
Ponnurangam Kumaraguru Paro Mishra Sujay Deb
Rajiv Ratn Shah Smriti Singh Vivek Bohara
Sneha Choubey Kaushik Kalyanraman Sonia Baloni Rai
Jainendra Shukla Ashish Pandey Raghava Muthuraju
Gaurav Ahuja Monika Arora Sanat K Biswas
Staff Members
Ravi Bhasin                      Sonal Garg               Jagadanand Dwivedi
Khushpinder Sharma                      Pallavi Kaushik              
Pranay Jain Jasmine Kaur Kartikeya Verma
Vaibhav Goel Arnav Tandon Raunak Mokhasi
Chavisha Arora Yatharth Taneja Rohan Dhar
Pritish Wadhwa Dhruv Sahnan Vasu Goel
Naval Kumar Advika Singh Adnan Ali
Himanshu Bansal Srijan Jain Rishabh Devgon
Muskan Aggarwal Deepankar Aggarwal Navya Aggarwal
Garvita Jain Priyanshi Jain